It's not too late to attend annual Easter community prayer breakfast

Kirksville community members are gathering all week long for the Annual Easter Week Community Prayer Breakfast.

Itâ??s held every morning at the First Christian Church Fellowship Hall leading up to Easter Sunday.

This yearâ??s theme is â??Our Moral Compassâ?? and each morning a guest speaker gives an inspirational talk to the crowd.

Tuesday morningâ??s guest speaker was Lieutenant Colonel Jim Tenpenny.

â??Well it actually took me a while to prepare for this speech, I was a little nervous,â?? said Lt. Col. Tenpenny. â??My main job is to teach cadets in officership and leadership in the Army, but part of my job is also to be a spiritual leader to my family and my community, so when I was asked to do it, I felt it was my duty.â??

Lt. Col. Tenpenny says he took something he learned from his pastor at his church and incorporated it into his speech.

â??I go to Fellowship Baptist Church just across the street from the YMCA, and our pastor gave a massage on faithfulness and it really struck home with me,â?? said Lt. Col. Tenpenny. â??How he was able to arrange faithfulness, dependability, integrity, and honesty and it fit perfectly in my mind on how our moral compass can be developed and kept true.â??

If you missed Tuesdayâ??s breakfast and prayer service you can still attend Wednesday through Friday.

Breakfast is served promptly at 7 a.m. There is no charge, but donations are accepted to help cover food costs.

This event is sponsored by several Kirksville service organizations including: Noon Rotary, Thousand Hills Rotary, Optimist Club, Quota Club and Kiwanis Club.

Wednesday Morningâ??s guest speaker will be John Rowe. On Thursday it will be Barbara Berendzen, and on Friday it will be Chuck Heckert.