Izaak Walton hosts annual Youth Field Day event

Izaak Walton Youth Field Day

The 8th annual Youth Field Day took place at the Izaak Walton complex in Ottumwa.

156 Participants got out to enjoy a variety of activities such as tracking animals in the woods and learning what their footprints look like, archery lessons, shooting riffles at a toy pigeon, and learning how to handle different snakes and insects. The event was led by qualified and knowledgeable individuals from ten different environmental organizations. These include The National Wild Turkey Federation, National, The National Trappers Association, Pheasants Forever, The Izaak Walton League, Iowa Bowman Assocation, Furbearers Unlimited, Friends of the NRA, Bow Fishing and Wapello County Conservation.

â??This event allows children who never get out into nature to experience it and respect what nature has to offer them, along with the shooting and safety aspect, of the shooting also.â?? Izaak Walton President Ann Van Dorin said.

Our own Laura Simon even got her hands one of the 20 gauge shotguns. She says this was her first time ever even holding a gun, and people got a good laugh at her scream every time she pulled the trigger.