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      James Elementary class reads more than 270,000 minutes through Book It Program

      One third grade class at James Elementary School in Ottumwa has read more than 270,000 minutes from October to March.

      As an incentive to get kids to read, the â??Book It Programâ??, sponsored by Pizza Hut, gave students the chance to earn a free personal pan pizza each month if they read a designated number of minutes chosen by their teacher.

      Lisa Schimmelpfennigâ??s class was assigned to read 20 minutes a night. Those 20 minutes turned into hours for many, so much that Mrs. Schimmelpfennig told them they couldnâ??t read past 9 p.m.

      â??But on Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday they could read as much as they wanted and some of them that's all they did. I actually had one parent ask me when book it ended because they wanted their kid to do something else,â?? said Schimmelpfennig.

      Some of the students even read upwards of 90,000 minutes!

      This Ottumwa third grade class ranked in the top 100 in the nation and the class won a pizza party in addition.