Jefferson County Conservation Board hosts annual trail drive

Jefferson County Trails

The Jefferson County Conservation Board hosted the 9th annual trail drive in Fairfield on Sunday.

Once a year, the Cedar View Trail is open to allow cars to drive through for some sight seeing, which is normally closed to motor-traffic. Conservation board member Ron Meyers says opening the 1.5 mile trail allows elderly and disabled people the chance to enjoy the beauty of the trail system and the colorful fall scenery. Spectators started at the Cedar View trailhead, and they could pick and choose between three route options or come back around and do them all.

â??One of them just takes you on the old Rock Island Railroad and goes about a mile and a half towards Libertyville; one goes out and around from Cedar Park to what we call the Maasdam Barns by the Jefferson County Health Center, and the other one goes to the north and comes out of Whitham Woods, which is another long-time park here in the area,â?? Meyers said.

If you didn't get the chance to drive the trails on Sunday. you can always walk or bike the trails in Jefferson County.