Jefferson County does not approve funding for pool and gym project

Jefferson County residents voted against funding Fairfield's pool and gym project with a portion of their local option sales tax.

This is the second time the measure has been voted down. After residents of the county did not pass the funding by a close margin in August, the pool and gym committee approached the Jefferson County Supervisors about a second election. With 500 signatures, they were able to get one.

But the result remained the same Tuesday, with the measure failing to pass 475 votes to 395. If passed, $1 million would have been distributed from the local option sales tax over a period of ten years. Now the project committee will have to regroup and look at other options.

"It affects us financially, but we still plan on building these projects, as to what extent, I don't know yet until we meet together," said Derik Wulfekuhle, Director of the Fairfield Parks and Recreation Department.

Wulfekuhle said he's not sure whether the loss of funding will impact the projects schedule and timeline, and that's another thing the committee will be discussing when they meet early next week.

So far, the department has raised $7.5 million of the $10 million needed for the project.