Jefferson County Fair Board is $50,000 closer to a new building

The Jefferson County fairgoers <font size="2">can anticipate a new activity building by the 2015 fair.</font>

The Jefferson County Fair Board is now $50,000 closer to building a new facility at the fairgrounds.

Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. announced the donation on Friday. The new facility will include two meeting rooms, a kitchen and concession area. It will replace the activity building now standing on the fairgrounds. The project will cost an estimated $245,000. Thanks to Cambridgeâ??s donation and donations from local banks the fair board has now raised $100,000.

"We're very proud to be a part of our community, and we encourage other organizations even in the smallest way and individuals to step up and support the project because the fair board needs to get a little bit more support from the financial perspective before we can move ahead," Amy Webber, Cambridge President said.

Next, construction is anticipated to get underway after this year's Jefferson County Fair.
Fairgoers can anticipate the new activity building by the 2015 fair.