Jefferson County Residents Swing Into Action for New Bridge

In May, the Jefferson County "Swingers" began raising money for a new swinging bridge in Jefferson County Park.

The bridge was built in the early 80's and modeled after a similar structure in Columbus Junction.

However, after decades of use, it began to wear down and was closed to passerbys last spring.

Many kids, families, and adults have crossed the bridge over the years, and its become a sort of icon in the Fairfield community.

The fundraisers have met their goal of $10,000 but donations are still welcome.

Director of the Jefferson County Conservation Dennis Lewiston says that the more money they're able to collect, the stronger and more fortified they will be able to make the new bridge.

You can contact Kathy Tollenaere at the Jefferson County Conservation office if you would like to donate to the cause.

A $25 donation can get you a "Swingers" t-shirt.