Jefferson County Supervisors slow momentum on grain elevator project

At Monday's meeting, the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors planned to hire a consultant for the grain elevator facility project, but the proposal was tabled temporarily.

Due to the amount of infrastructure required for the project, the board did not want to accept a proposal too early, and instead decided to wait for more information on tax evaluation and other data before proceeding with Heartland Co-Op Grain, the county's partner in the project.

"It just made sense to proceed with caution," said Lee Dimmitt of the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors. "We're not tabling the project, quite the contrary, I'm very excited about Heartland Co-Op coming to town and what it means for our producers and the size and scope of the potential investment from Heartland."

Dimmitt emphasized how excited the county is that Heartland Co-Op chose Fairfield to work with. The goal is to have Heartland receiving grain from Jefferson County in the fall of 2015.