Jefferson County voters don't pass sales tax redistribution

Jefferson County residents of incorporated areas took to the polls to decide if the county should contribute $1 million toward a new outdoor gym and pool project.

396 people cast their vote, ultimately not passing the redistribution of the local options sales tax for the project. Although the turnout for the special election was small, residents' voices were heard. The vote was 211-185.

â??You talk in terms of it not being much but when you talk in terms of about $15 dollars for every $100,000 of valuation, $15 dollars is $15, and it's evidently something they didn't want to spend their money on," Lee Dimmitt, Jefferson County Supervisor said,

Since the measure did not pass, the sales tax distribution remains the same, with 80-percent of the funds going to property tax relief and 20-percent to bridges and culverts.