Jim Robertson Chevrolet under new ownership

Photo by John Garlock

A longtime Kirksville car dealership has a new owner.

Jim Robertson Chevrolet at the "top of Kirksville" is now owned by

North-Dakota-based Rydell Auto Group.

The company has around 70 dealerships in about a dozen states.

Robertson has had his car dealership in Kirksville since 1972.

He said his age had a lot to do with his decision to retire after all these years.

"My family is really happy that I have done this,â?? said Robertson. â??This is a good match. The company that is coming in has a good reputation."

Robertson said Rydell has plans to expand the dealership a build a new showroom facility.

He said all employees were offered the chance the keep their job with the new company.

Of course, with a new company comes a new name.

Jim Robertson Chevrolet will now be known as Kirksville Motor Company. Robertson's last official day on the job was April 4, 2014.

"42 years and three days in the business in a great community,â?? said Robertson. â??The community has been really good to myself and my family, and we've put a lot back into the community."

He says the thing he will miss most is the people, his employees and his customers.

But don't worry, Robertson said he will be stopping by the dealership often to check on things.

"It's been a good run. It really has," said Robertson.

Robertson told KTVO he now plans to spend a lot more time with his family and work on his son's ranch just northwest of Kirksville.