Job seekers and employers, find your match!

Lately, for some, finding a job is hard. And, for employers finding the perfect candidate can be just as difficult.

So, Missouriâ??s Division of Workforce Development has created Talify.

Talify is a website where people can search and apply for jobs using a behavioral traits assessment.

Employers can also register and view profiles of potential hires that match their job criteria.

On the website, job seekers will list several character traits, their level of education and what kind of experience they have.

After listing their strengths and weaknesses, Talify will give them a score.

If the employer believes youâ??re the perfect candidate they will reach out to your for an interview.

This is the first time Missouri is offering this service free of charge for job seekers and employers.

Right now, this is a pilot program that the state is monitoring closely to see how effective it will be.

So far, at least 15 employers have registered on the website, and more than 200 job seekers have created a profile.

The program is offered in Adair, Clark, Knox, Schuyler, Scotland and Macon Counties.