John Brunner returns to campaign in Kirksville

A candidate makes his second stop in Kirksville for his senatorial campaign.

U.S. Senate Republican Candidate John Brunner made several stops in Downtown Kirksville.

KTVO caught up with him as he attended the K-REDI meeting Tuesday and spoke with the committee members afterwards. He also went around visiting several local businesses around the square and held a meet and greet at Pagliai's Pizza.

Brunner said he is more determined than ever to win, so he can go to Washington to get the job done.

He said his campaign focus will be the economy and putting Americans back to work.

"We are continuing to spend deeper into debt. Small businesses are hurting. We have to stop spending. We have to go out and grow businesses," Brunner said. "We have to get good energy. We have to pull back regulations. We need to have fairer taxes. We have a lot of issues that need to be controlled as well."

Brunner also wants President Obama's Healthcare Reform Act to get repealed.

"Just two years ago 71 percent of the people in Missouri did not want â??Obamacare.â?? They wanted it repealed; now 81 percent don't want it. They understand that this is going to crush businesses. We are barely hanging on. We have to repeal it completely. We need a bottom up approach where there's a freedom of choice and get the doctors involved. We can restore healthcare," Brunner said.

The primary elections are on August 7. The winner of the primary will go up against incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill in the November elections.