John Brunner visits Kirksville

Political candidates are hot on the campaign trail through Kirksville.

Republican Senate Candidate John Brunner was in Downtown Kirksville Friday for a meet and greet luncheon at the Wooden Nickel.

Born and raised in the St.Louis area, Brunner is a successful businessman making his first-ever run for public office.

For nearly two decades, he was the CEO of Vi-Jon Laboratories Incorporated, maker of the well known Germ-X brand hand sanitizer.

Brunner said he wants to go to Washington and make the changes that his predecessors haven't been able to do.

"First thing we need to repeal health care and work on social security. We also need a budget. We have right now is an unlimited credit card. We got to get a budget. We need to get an energy policy. Gas prices have been doubled. We got the energy here. We also have to pull back regulations that are choking businesses," Brunner said.

Brunner also said that he wants to restore confidence in Missouri and America by helping the economy get back up and putting americans back to work.

"We have three top, jobs, and jobs," Brunner said. "We need people who have actually been in the business, manufacturing, and agricultural communities. These people in Washington don't get it. We need people who know how to create jobs and understand what it takes."