Jurors hear emotional outbursts from Techel video interview

Seth Techel in court

Jurors heard a few emotional outbursts from the video recording of Seth Techel's initial police interview as the trial of the Agency man continued in Mount Pleasant Wednesday morning.

The video recording was from May 26, 2012, the day Lisa Caldwell Techel was shot and killed in the couple's Agency home.

The nearly four-hour long video shows Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation employee Chris Thomas press Seth Techel into describing the details of that morning.

Techel sticks to his story throughout the interview, telling Thomas he was in the shower when he heard what sounded like a shotgun blast.

â??I shook her. I looked and I saw the hole in the cover, on the sheet. I pulled it off of her and I saw the hole in her sports bra, on her left side.â??

Thomas also presses Techel on the nature of his relationship with Rachel McFarland. At several points, Techel becomes frustrated, saying, "You think Rachel made me kill my wife? No way."

The morning session concluded with DCI Agent Richard Crivello on the stand. Crivello specializes in impressions and fingerprints and processed several prints taken from the Techel home on the day of the crime.

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