Jurors watch Techel's interview with DCI agent

Seth Techel appeared calm and collected during his nearly four hour interview with DCI agent Chris Thomas which the prosecution began showing the jury on Tuesday afternoon.

In the video, when he was asked who he thought killed his wife, Techel immediately mentioned the name of his neighbor Brian Tate. Techel then went on to explain the issues he had been having with his neighbor. He claimed Tate referred to him and his wife as terrorists, falsely accused him of acts of vandalism, and possibly poisoned his dog.

Techel said Tate was "off his rocker" and that his father-in-law, Wapello County Sheriff's Deputy Todd Caldwell, said Tate was "going to be the next person to shoot a cop".

In the video, Techel is asked if he ever messed with Tate and vehemently denies it.

"The guy creeped me out," Techel said on the video. "I definitely wasn't messing with him because I didn't want to come home and our house one day be burned down while i was at work, which in my mind is very possible."

This statement contradicts the testimony of Tyler Batterson and Michael Owings who claim Techel asked them to mess with Tate.

During the interview, Techel admits texting Rachel McFarland, but only as friends. He's then asked if it was sexual which he firmly denied.

In the video, Techel also claims that him and his wife were both happy and on good terms the night before the murder. This comes in conflict with text message transcripts shown to the jury. In the transcripts, Techel texts Rachel McFarland that "he broke the news to Lisa, she was upset, and wanted him to be there the next morning when she packed" on the night before the murder.

When court resumes Wednesday at 9 am, the duration of the interview will be shown to jurors.