Jury continues to deliberate in Pilcher trial

<font size="2">Robert Pilcher</font>

The fourth full day of deliberations yet again ends without a verdict.

The eight man, four woman jury in Robert Pilcher's murder trial came forward with a question for Judge Richard Meadows around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon.

The question indicated that they would not be able to reach a verdict, but Judge Meadows sent them back for further deliberation.

Prosecutors told jurors during closing arguments that the circumstantial case against the 67-year-old Pilcher is a strong one, but the 40 year lapse between the murder of Mary Jayne Jones and the start of the trial presents the biggest challenge for the jury charged with deciding on a verdict.

The jury was sent home for the day around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon.

Deliberations are set to resume Thursday morning around 9 in the main courtroom of the Wapello County Courthouse.

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