Jury finds Snow guilty of second-degree murder

After a nearly week long trial, a jury has convicted Bobby Joe Snow of second-degree murder.

It took the jury a little over an hour-and-a-half to decide the fate of the Ottumwa man.

The conviction stems from a late night altercation with James McElroy back in May of 2011.

During closing arguments earlier in the day, the prosecution was apparently able to successfully dispel the defense's self-defense theory.

The state claimed Snow was out looking for revenge.

Prosecutor Laura Roan said the jury clearly saw there was an aggressive interaction between the victim and Snow.

"But that period of time had clearly subsided," said Roan. "And there was a significant interval between that interaction and when the defendant pursued the victim. The defendant was in his car and pursued the victim who was on foot and instigated another confrontation. That simply is not self-defense under Iowa law."

Next up is judgment and sentencing for Snow.

It is tentatively scheduled for June 9th at 9 a.m.