Jury hears audio recording of Seth Techel interview

Seth Techel in court

The prosecution's case against murder suspect Seth Techel of Agency, Iowa, rolled on Tuesday morning at the Henry County Courthouse in Mt. Pleasant.

Jurors heard the voice of Techel himself as the state played an audio recording of the interview Wapello County Sheriff's Deputy Jeff Layton conducted with him shortly after law enforcement responded to the Techel home on the morning of May 26, 2012.

That was the day Lisa Caldwell-Techel was fatally shot in her bed.

During the course of the interview, Layton asks Techel several times to go through the events of that morning.

Techel can be heard telling Layton that he was taking a shower, heard what sounded like a gunshot and then found his wife dying in her bed.

Layton and Techel also discussed Brian Tate, the Techel's now-deceased neighbor, at length.

Techel recounts numerous instances when he says that Tate either acted suspiciously toward him or was downright hostile.

Techel is then heard denying he had any part in vandalizing Tate's home.

â??I said Todd, I ainâ??t messing with the guy," Techel told Layton. "I said the most I have done is put that deer hide back in his yard.â??

That statement directly contradicts testimony from two prosecution witnesses, Tyler Batterson and Michael Owings.

Both of them told jurors that they committed acts of vandalism, including dumping dog feces on the Tate porch, at the request of Seth Techel.

On cross examination, Steve Gardner was able to get Deputy Layton to acknowledge that when he arrived on the scene that morning, he believed that Brian Tate was the most likely suspect in Lisa Techel's murder.

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