Jury selected, opening arguments begin in Techel trial

A jury has been selected in the murder trial of Seth Techel.

The Voir dire process came to an end around 11:00 Tuesday morning.

Attorneys from both sides exercised their mandatory 10 strikes from the 36 member pool and the remaining 12 jurors and four alternates will decide the 23-year-old Agency man's fate.

The 10 women and six men are all residents of Scott County, and if they answered the Voir dire questions truthfully, none of them have any prior knowledge of the Techel case.

With the jury fully selected, opening arguments started off with a bombshell just after 1:00 p.m. Tuesday.

In his opening statement, Defense Attorney Jake Feuerhelm told the jury that Lisa Techel may have been having an affair at the time of her murder.

"Some one in the Wapello County Sheriff's Office called the Washington County Sheriff's Office where Lisa worked and said check out and see if there was something going on between this other jailer a guy named Jason Tinnes and Lisa," said Feuerhelm

Feuerhelm hasn't presented the jury with any evidence of such an affair, however, a motion for a dismissal of the case filed with the court on Monday fills in the details jurors are likely to hear at some point.

The motion filed says that there may be deposition testimony that suggests Lisa Techel was having a relationship with a fellow Washington County Deputy.

Feuerhelm argues that investigators simply ignored the evidence of the affair because they believed Seth Techel to be guilty. He also argues in the motion that the prosecution was aware of the affair and failed to notify the defense.

The state also made its opening argument Tuesday.

As prosecutors have maintained during the first two trials only one person had motive and opportunity to kill Lisa Techel, her husband Seth.

The state once again intends to argue that it was Seth Techel who was romantically involved with another woman and wanted out of that marriage.

Late in the afternoon, the state started presenting its case, calling three witnesses who were among the first to make contact with Seth Techel on the morning of the murder.