K-REDI holds annual luncheon and meeting

Members of Kirksville Regional Economic Development Incorporated braved the snowy weather Tuesday afternoon to attend their annual membership meeting.

Tuesday's lunch meeting allowed the members to discuss projects and business completed in 2013 and look ahead to what 2014 holds for K-REDI. President and CEO of the Missouri Partnership, Chris Chung, was also at the meeting and was a guest speaker. Chung spoke on the importance of K-REDI in the Kirksville community and how it is helping to better businesses in the area.

"This is a time where all of our membership is encourage to come to a luncheon and hear about what we've done the previous year. We hold monthly board meetings but a lot of our members aren't able to get out to that, so this is just a chance to get together, to have a meal, and to hear about what our organization has been doing," said Carolyn Chrisman, K-REDI Director of Economic Development.

Chris Chung spoke of the Missouri Partnership. The Partnership was formed with the intention of bringing new business and industry into the Show-Me-State. Chung spoke of the importance of organizations such as K-REDI, which is helping to bring more economic development to the smaller communities. Chung believes by bringing new businesses into the area, it will help to advance both Kirksville and the state of Missouri, and make them strong, economic leaders. Chrisman believes that it is important for Chung to get out and talk to the smaller communities about business.

"I think it's important for him to get out and for our community to know exactly who is apart of our state organization and exactly what they are doing. I can tell them, but when the president makes time to come from St. Louis to come here and talk with them, I think they also get the importance of what's going on," Chrisman added.

K-REDI has plans to attract more business to the Kirksville area in the upcoming year.