K-REDI shares goals for the year

Kirksville Regional Economic Development Incorporated members held their monthly meeting Tuesday afternoon.

The group talked about different ways to bring more small businesses to the area. They also plan to work with current industries and businesses in the area on projects, and to show appreciation for those businesses. K-REDI also plans to get more involved with social networking and print materials to get more community members involved. They plan to increase K-REDI's presence on Facebook and Twitter as well as developing a brochure and magazine ad.

"We want to achieve certain things during the year, and if we have an actual plan in place, then that's something that the board can hold me accountable for to make sure that I do that throughout the year. It's also something that our members can look at and see what we are doing," said Carolyn Chrisman, K-REDI Director of Economic Development.

K-REDI will be helping people to find jobs within the upcoming weeks. The organization is a co-sponsor of the NEMO Job Fair, which will be held on April 22 at the NEMO Fairgrounds from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.