K-REDI works to strengthen workforce

Kirksville Regional Economic Development Incorporated members met Tuesday night at their regularly scheduled board meeting.

There, members discussed the importance of continuing to establish a quality workforce. Once again, K-REDI is teaming up with the State Technical College of Missouri to offer classes to benefit local corporations and companies. Those classes will focus on hydraulics. Previous classes have been offered teaching the basics of electricity and HVAC repair. Those classes are to help local workers become knowledgeable and strive for the best work possible.

"As we keep hearing time and time again, workforce is key and so we are really trying to build a good workforce, quality workforce, and just move forward in that way," said Carolyn Chrisman, K-REDI Director.

K-REDI Director Carolyn Chrisman, also shared her recent travels with board members. She has recently attended numerous meetings and conferences in different states discussing the importance of having a strong workforce.