Kaseyville residents have a new way to send mail

Friday, Kaseyville, Mo. got a vital link to the outside world.

Customers at the Kaseyville Store can do more than just eat lunch and buy gas, now they have what's called a village post office.

The Kaseyvulle Village Post Office is an extension of the Callao Post Office.

Owners thought it was a good idea because of Kaseyville's distance from other post offices.

A post office coordinator from St. Louis contacted the owners about starting this mailing center.

Macon Postmaster Bill Reitz says this village post office is a valuable addition because people can't move mail or packages through e-mail.

â??I think once they go there, they'll see what it is. It'll be very good for them to have that access; to not have to go to Callao if they are closer to Kaseyville. They can do there business there,â?? said Reitz.

Reitz helped the owners at the ribbon cutting that took place this morning.

The village post office is not full service; it can only take stamped envelopes and priority boxes.