Keep poppin' that popcorn for a healthier you

Dieticians say popcorn is an excellent source of fiber. You can make popcorn into a sweet treat for your kids with popcorn pizza.

Itâ??s a snack many of us love, popcorn! And it has many health benefits.

South Ottumwa Hy-Vee Dietician Heather Ware told KTVO that popcorn is an excellent source of fiber with three to four grams per serving helping to keep you full between meals.

Ware added that when you pair a high-fiber diet with a low-fat diet, both of which popcorn meet, you can start to see a reduced risk for cancer and diabetes.

And for your children, you can turn popcorn into a sweet treat with popcorn pizza.

â??Similar to the concept of rice-crispies but we've bumped up the nutrition by using popcorn for more fiber, more whole grains in that snack. Use three tablespoons of a butter or light butter substitute, one 10.5 ounce of marshmallows. Melt that, throw in your popcorn, spray your pan, you line the pizza pan with it and you've got what looks like a pizza crust,â?? said Ware.

You can then top it with whatever toppings your child may like such as fruit snacks to make it look like pepperoni slices and chocolate-covered raisins to make it look like hamburger.