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      Keeping the medicine away from grandkids

      Grandparents more than ever before are playing a bigger role in raising their grandkids. That can open the door to a big danger.

      Thousands of young children go to the E.R. every year due to having easy access to prescription medication.

      A report from Safe Kids Worldwide finds that more than a quarter of grandparents store their medications in easy-to-open containers. They also found that 42-percent leave them in easy-to-reach locations.

      Child experts say it's now more important to keep an eye on the child and checking their area out.

      "I think that if you are going to be watching a child, you need to be sure all medications are put up in a cupboard and put in tamper resistant containers. We put all our medications under lock and key. Even things that require refrigeration, they should still be under lock and key," said Amy Summers of the Northeast Missouri Community Action Agency.

      Summers said that if a child takes medication, there is a chance their body will react to it.

      You should call the Poison Control Center immediately. They will tell you what to do. It can range from giving other medication to help the child or taking the child to a doctor.