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      Keeping your kids' drowning risks at bay

      Drowning is one of the leading causes of death among children. We all know that water is everywhere; especially with Friday being the official day of summer, pools are packed!

      It's important that you protect your children in and around water. Experts say it only takes a couple tea spoons of water and seconds for children to drown.

      "Learning how to swim is important for kids and adults both," said Robin Harden, Recreational Specialist at the Kirksville Aquatic Center. "Everyone's around water and you want your children to be around water. And you want your children to be as prepared as possible when they encounter a situation.

      Harden says it's important for parents to watch their children while swimming. She tells us parents have two to three children to watch and lifeguards 200-300.

      "It's very easy for a child to slip away and fall into a pool or pond or things like that, and not knowing how to swim can be deadly." said Harden.

      If you would like to enroll your child in swim lessons CLICK HERE