Keeping your pets cool during the heat of the summer

Summer is here which means very hot conditions not just for us, but also for our four legged friends.

Household pets such as dogs, cats and livestock face hazards and risks with all the excessive heat and humidity just like humans do.

That's why as the temperature rises throughout the day, we should take extra precautions with our pets such as excersing them early in the morning while it is still a bit cooler out and keeping your pet off of hot surfaces such as the cement and asphalt.

The two most important things of course is to keep pets under the shade and have them drink plenty of water to help keep them cool.

"Even though you put freshwater in the morning, make sure there's an extra source of water or that there is someone who can check that throughout the day. Make sure they have a fresh source constantly," said Missy Decker of the Adair County Human Society.

There are several different signs to look for when a pet could be overheating. Panting and difficulty breathing are the main symptoms.

If you suspect any of these symptoms, immediately get your pet into a cool area, give fresh water and contact your veterinarian right away.