Keeping your pets healthy during the Thanksgiving holiday

With Thanksgiving just two days away, we will be eating a lot, and veterinarians don't want you to forget that your furry friends will be wanting to eat a lot as well.

The number one common health issue pet owners have with their animals during the Thanksgiving holiday is digestive issues and vomiting.

It mostly comes from overindulgence on foods, mostly those that are sweet, high in fat and greasy.

The most important thing pet owners should try to remember is keeping their pet's diets as normal as possible.

"If you give them a large portion, that's going to make them sick, like you and I. So do everything in moderation. A little bit will be fine, large portions will be bad. Tremendous amounts of butter, sauces, spices will cause a lot of stress," said Jenny Lindquist, DVM.

Lindquist suggests the best Thanksgiving foods to give your pets are canned vegetables straight from the can and lean turkey meat.

Never give your animals any type of bones from the turkey.