Keosauqua meeting to address KKK propaganda

After residents found Ku Klux Klan recruitment flyers on their lawns in small towns across Southeast Iowa, the state is taking action.

The Department of Justice and the US Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa will be holding a public forum in Keosauqua Tuesday for residents concerned with the supremacist propaganda.

The meeting is to assure residents that the issue being taken seriously and to raise awareness. Lynn Sutton, a councilwoman from Dubuque, is making the trip to Keosauqua for the meeting because she believes awareness is something every community can benefit from.

"Our main point of contact tomorrow is to meet and to gather information from everyone from different counties, so we can take it back to our community and just to bring awareness," Sutton said.

The forum will be from 1-3 p.m. Tuesday at the Van Buren County District Court in Keosauqua and is open to the public.

Sutton said the hopes that everyone who attends the meeting walks away with an understanding of how neighbors can work together and stay informed.