Kids and learning about cave creatures

Some Heartland kids got an interesting science lesson in the dark Wednesday.

It was all part of the Missouri Department of Conservation's homeschool program on cave creatures.

Students got to go into a dark, blow-up cave to give them an idea what a real cave looks and feels like, and at the same time letting them learn about all the various creatures that live in caves.

Most of us know that bats live in caves, but there are more animals that call caves home than you may think.

"A lot of us think of cave animals as those that come in and out. We are familiar with bats, bears, or snakes. The kids got to learn about animals that they never heard of before," said Amanda Moore of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

The kids who took part in the "Cave Creatures" program seemed very interested in the topic and were excited to learn more about cave-dwelling critters.

The conservation department's next homeschool program session is titled "What's In A Name?"

The topic: scientific names of plants and animals.