Kids can play in Brashear Park once again

After a fire destroyed a Heartland playground over the summer, it's once again open for kids to play on.

On Labor Day weekend, the playground at Brashear Park in Kirksville was reopened after a string of arsons did extensive damage to the equipment on June 8, causing the playground to be closed during summer break.

Today there are new monkey bars, slides and swings for kids ages 2 to 12 to play on.

City officials are very happy knowing life in the park is back to normal.

"We live very close to the park. My kids love to come here. My three-year-old was excited when he saw the red playground was back. That has been the feeling across the community. We are very happy that we have it back and use the shelter and the playground equipment together," said Kirksville Assistant City Manager Melanie Smith.

Brashear Park wasn't the only Kirksville park to get a new playground.

P.C. Mills Park also received new equipment over the summer.

That the project was made possible thanks to grant money offered to the city to restore city parks.

City officials are hoping residents will take advantage of the cool weather and come out and enjoy the new playgrounds.