Kids come out to Thousand Hills to learn to fish

Adults and kids come out to fish at the 30th annual Buddy Bass Fishing Classic.

Adults and kids across the Heartland took to the lakes for a day of fishing on Saturday.

About 22 boats were out on Forest Lake at Thousand Hills State Park near Kirksville early Saturday morning for the 30th Annual Buddy Bass Fishing Classic.

The fishing classic included two different tournaments, one was the adult tournament, while the other tournament was just for the kids.

For everyone involved in planning the event, it was all for fun.

"That's what we try to accomplish here...teach kids how to fish, how much fun it can be, and how easy and inexpensive it is to fish. It's something you can do till you get real old," said event organizer John McConnell.

Adults had to pay a fee to participate in events, but the kids tournament was absolutely free and everyone had a chance to win prizes.

About 80 kids and 50 adults participated and everyone caught a fish.

Also during the fishing tournament, those involved with the event honored McConnell. He was recognized for the 30 years he's been doing this tournament.

KTVO asked him how it feels to still be a part of this Heartland pastime for so long. "We've taught so many kids, almost 4,000 kids over the course of 30 years of how to fish. It's not hard to do it if you are taught right. It's something they can carry on for the rest of their lives. To me that's the most gratifying part," McConnell said.

If you missed out on the tournament, don't worry, expect the event to be back next year.