Kids get hands-on learning experience at Indian Hills technology camp

School may be out, but the learning is on at Indian Hills' technology camp.

Throughout the week, the kids get to learn everything from computer programming to networks and security to digital forensics -- and that's just what was on the agenda for Monday.

Each session lasts an hour and incorporates a hands-on learning experience.

"We have different activities assigned to each, so for computer networks and security, we'll show them how to set up a simple network," said Nate Miller, Career Coordinator at Indian Hills. "And then we'll go into more of the gaming side, something that's a little bit more hands-on, something that they can relate to, so we'll get them playing games on a network that they actually set up."

Miller said the camp is a great way for the kids to be introduced to the different technical careers available in our area.

The camp runs through Thursday and is held every summer.