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      Kids getting excited about nature at day camp

      Some Heartland kids are exploring nature and discovering lots of new things.

      The Missouri Department of Conservation is holding its annual Conservation Day Camp all this week in Kirksville.

      About 20 kids in third through fifth grades are learning about how animals and plants adapt to their habitats. The ways some of them do that is pretty amazing and necessary in order for them to survive in their environment.

      Wednesday the kids learned about camouflage.

      "To be able to experience as a predator how hard it is to find prey. But as the prey to know the predator is there and have to freeze and be thinking about how to keep from being caught by the predator," said Amanda Moore of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

      The kids painted their faces and played hide-and-go-seek to see how camo helps disguise you.

      Participants told us they're having great time and learning a lot at the camp.

      The day camp continues all next week. That one is for sixth through eighth graders.