Kids have a 'heyday' in the Heartland

Kids had a Heyday in Kirksville Saturday night.

Kids had a heyday in the Heartland getting ready for Halloween.

Rotary Park in Kirksville was filled by a bounce house, games, kids in costume and of course hey, for the first ever Harvest Heyday Saturday evening.

Kids dug through hay stacks, played tic-tac-toe and threw bean bags to win all sorts of fun Halloween prizes

The Med Depot made several stops around Rotary Park, and the bounce house had kids jumping strong throughout the evening.

Face painting added to the festivities, allowing kids to get in the Halloween spirit.

Even with all this fun, kids kept their eyes on the real prize of Halloween, the candy.

Harvest Heyday is hosted by the Kirksville Parks and Recreation Department and replaces the long standing Children's Halloween Carnival.