Kids learn about the science of cooking at summer reading program

Area kids learned that their kitchens have a lot more science than they thought at Wednesdayâ??s Summer Reading Program hosted by the Ottumwa Public Library.

The topic for this week was "Kitchen Science." The Grout Museum put on demonstrations showing how yeast works, a vinegar and baking soda explosion, and a rocket made from a tea bag.

Presenter Nick Erickson said itâ??s rewarding to see kids learning and that no matter where he does the demonstrations, they always have a favorite part.

"Basically when things explode, it's great at the end of it when I can ask them what happened and they can explain scientific processes to me, that's like the big payoff at the end of it but everybody is really just looking for the explosions," said Erickson.

The last Summer Reading Program of the summer is next week, July 30 at 10:30 in the Knights of Columbus Hall in Ottumwa. The theme will be "Fizz Boom Pow."