Kids learn to keep nature looking good

Trash Bash was the subject at Missouri Department of Conservation's Knee High Naturalists Group.

Pre-schoolers learned the importance of keeping nature clean Monday morning.

"No littering" was the subject at the Knee High Naturalists Group.

April is "Trash Bash Month" for the Missouri Department of Conservation. This comes as Earth Day and Arbor Day also take place this week.

Conservation officials said now is the perfect time to teach the kids.

"We talked about where your trash should go. It doesn't belong on the ground. It either goes into a trash bin or recycling bin and what should go into a recycling bin," said Amanda Moore of The Missouri Department of Conservation.

The kids also got to take a short trail litter clean-up. Whatever trash they found, they got to put it away.

The next event will be the big Conservation Celebration. It will take place this Saturday, April 26 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Missouri Department of Conservation Northeast Regional Office in Kirksville.