Kids learning eggs don't just come from chickens

The long Easter holiday weekend was extended one more day for some young Heartland kids.

At Monday morning's Knee High Naturalists learning session at the Missouri Department of Conservation Office in Kirksville, pre-schoolers got to learn more about eggs.

Kids learned that chickens aren't the only animals that lay them, but fish, reptiles, birds, and insects can also produce eggs.

Conservation officials thought this was the perfect time to talk about the subject.

"It's springtime, new animals will be hatching like a bird's nest they will be seeing bird eggs. It's also right after Easter weekend when they were dying eggs and searching for eggs. So I thought to bring it together to round out Easter Weekend for them," said Amanda Moore of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

The kids even had a bit of an arts and crafts activity in which they made little egg critters.

The next session for the group will be in two weeks when the kids will learn more about ducks and geese.