Kids learning that nature can be a bit annoying at times

Some Heartland kids got to learn more about pests Saturday.

The Missouri Department of Conservation held its monthly Conservation Keepers event Saturday afternoon. This month's theme was "Naturally Annoying."

Children and parents learned more about snakes, poison ivy, and insects such as wasps, ticks, mosquitoes, and of course, spiders and their bites and stings.

Kids even got a chance to get up close with a black widow spider.

"Not everyone can get up close with a black widow, it's something we are really scared of. I could take it out, not hold it in my hand, but close enough to where they can see it and see they aren't really aggressive as long as you are not reaching into their home, they are not going to bother you," said Amanda Moore of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Kids learned that if you leave these pests be, they will leave you alone too.

Children also learned valuable ways to protect themselves by wearing things like light-colored clothing and bug spray.