Kids not getting scared but having fun at the haunted corn maze

It was a chilly but sunny Halloween Sunday afternoon as parents brought their kids to the Truman State University Farm in Kirksville for the annual Kids Day at the Haunted Corn Maze, sponsored by the Sigma Alpha Agricultural Sorority.

Earlier in the week, teenagers and adults were scared in the corn maze at night with scary decorations and costumes. But on this day, it was all kid friendly with all the haunted decorations taken out and replaced with smiling jack-o-lanterns.

â??We are always trying to find ways of giving back to the community, and so we figured having a fun day for the kids to come out because sometimes at night it can be scary or not as safe, so this is a safe way with the parents going through with them and they can have a lot of fun walking through the maze,â?? said Haunted Corn Maze Chair Anna Lotts.

This was my first visit ever to a hunted corn maze, so I figured why not check things out. Since it was more kid friendly, I figured I couldnâ??t get scared that easily.

As I walked through the corn maze, I came about some fun activities for the children such as bag decorating to collect candy, digging into green goop, face painting and a scavenger hunt. As I kept walking through the maze, I couldnâ??t help but stop and say hi to all the different characters in the maze smiling and giving candy away to the kids.

For everyone involved, itâ??s something more laid back and more pre-Halloween fun.

â??Itâ??s a nice and easy Sunday after all the hard work. We work the whole week before getting the maze ready to haunt everyone, and so Sunday is a fun way to end the weekend and just enjoy time with the kids,â?? Lotts said.

After a half an hour of walking through the maze, I was done. It was more fun and not scary at all which means when the real haunted maze comes back next Halloween. Iâ??ll be ready to check that one out.