Kids of Adair County learn about alternative energy

Kids got to use their creativity Wednesday at a discussion about how energy is made.

Third through sixth graders gathered at the Adair County Public Library in Kirksville Wednesday morning to learn about wind and solar energy.

The guest speaker was science teacher, Rich Chapman, from Kirksville High School .

Chapman taught the students how engineering skill are used to build and test windmills that generate electricity.

The kids then broke up into groups, and used paper plates and imagination to build their own windmills.

â??In this day in age, there's a lot of talk in the media about renewable sources of energy vs. nonrenewable energy. Wind we always have and we can always find it and help the infrastructure of the free source of power in our country,â?? said Chapman.

The students next tested their wind mills to see how much energy they could collect.

One group's windmill generated the same amount of power as a size â??Dâ?? battery.

Chapman wanted the kids to learn how they can use trial-and-error to make a good product.