Kids of Kirksville group helps parents get involved

Collette Pretre created the Kids of Kirksville group to plan events and outings where parents and children can meet and have fun.

If you are parents and new to the Kirksville area, there's a group in town that is just for you.

Collette Pretre moved to Kirksville with her husband and young children three years ago. She was looking for a group for her kids to get involved in and make friends.

Next, she thought there should be a group in town for parents to also get involved in. That's when she created the Kids of Kirksville group.

Pretre plans community events along with other parents, such as Touch-A-Truck that took place last Saturday.

It's all just to have a place where parents and children can meet and have fun.

"I would say the group is a vehicle for learning. It's a vehicle for fun. Just going out and having friends when you go to the park. You see somebody that you know and the parents can talk. It gives a nice sense of community for us," Pretre said.

The group is free to parents and kids of all ages. Their activities are free as well.

There is a Facebook group page where parents can join and become members. Members are always encouraged to post any family events going on in the community on the page.