Kids take a walk on the wild side and get a tail out of it

Some Heartland pre-schoolers took a walk on the wild side while learning something about animals.

At Monday morning's Knee High Naturalists learning session at the Missouri Department of Conservation Office in Kirksville, pre-schoolers got to learn more about Missouri's wild animals, including turkeys, beavers, and squirrels and how they use their tail to survive.

"All different kinds of animals have things they use their tails for like warnings, warmth, balance, and lots of other things. We wanted the kids to have a better idea how different animals use them," said Amanda Moore of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

There was even a puppet show for the kids and a hands-on activity in which the kids made their own tails to take home.

About two dozen pre-schoolers took part in the presentation, making it one the largest turnouts so far.

If you're planning to stick around town with your kids for spring break, the conservation department is holding a Creatures Feature a week from this Wednesday at its Kirksville office.