Kirksville Arts Center just a memory now

UPDATE: The City of Kirksville announced late Wednesday afternoon that the west lane of the 100 block of South Franklin Street running in front of the Kirksville Arts Center has now been reopened.

That blocked off street was opened to through traffic at 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

The street had been blocked for more than three months since the December 2, 2016 fire that destroyed the arts center.

The fire-damaged Kirksville Arts Center has now just about finished its disappearing act.

Heavy equipment that went to work a week ago has sped up the demolition.

The front wall was torn down Tuesday morning.

Part of the three-story building's north wall is all that is left of the Kirksville Arts Center.

Crews will be taking that down by hand to protect Pickell Abstract Company located right next-door.

On Wednesday afternoon, most all of the rubble at the site had been hauled away.

An early December 2016 fire destroyed the building in Downtown Kirksville.

Investigators were unable to figure out what caused it.

The streets next to the structure have been blocked off since that fire more than three months ago.

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