Kirksville Board of Education on track for selecting new Superintendent

A special meeting of the Kirksville School Board was held Wednesday night and the main item on the agenda was the 2013-2014 Student Achievement Report.

Administrators discussed everything from state test results, to attendance records, and a new Missouri policy that will require all high school juniors to take the ACT starting next year.

â??So this is a spot check of our progress after first semester. We'll do this again in June and track that progress over a period of a full school year," said Superintendent Pat Williams. "We're very pleased with the progress of our students, but it's always a work in progress, and we're looking constantly at our resources, our professional development, and how our students and teachers can continue to work together towards high achievement. Our goal is to be accredited with distinction by the state and we're certainly on track to do that."

Williams also took some time to recognize the hard work of the Kirksville School Board members, in honor of "School Board Recognition Week."

"Anytime you're in public service, as a member of a board or a council, certainly you're to be commended for your commitment to the cause. In this case we're very fortunate to have a very dedicated school board and they work countless hours on behalf of the community and the kids and the teachers and the administrators so we're very appreciative of that,â?? said Williams.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the board went into a closed session to discuss upcoming retirements and other personnel changes, including the search for a new superintendent.

Williams will be stepping down at the end of this school year, and officials say they're right on track for hiring his replacement.

â??Well it's going very well. We've been really pleased with the responses that we've received, the quality of the candidates appears to be very good and we're going to be presenting those to the board tonight and they'll be screening those and developing a short list of candidates for those interviews later in the month,â?? said Paul James, a consultant for the Missouri School Board Association.

The school board hopes to have a new superintendent selected by February 10th.