Kirksville car show a classic of its own

Car owners showing off their wheel at the car show in Kirksville Saturday

Area residents in Kirksville may have done a double take at the sight of antique cars making their way around town.

A car show on the Wal-Mart parking lot kept car enthusiasts thrilled at the sight of about thirty cars from classics, antiques, and even some of today's sporty rides.

The classic car owners had no problem showing off their toys, and for some it had quite the significance.

"Well when I was a kid, I got married in one that's just like it, the same colors," said Ron Torreol, owner of a 1956 Ford sedan. "I was married at sixteen and still married to the same woman after all these years."

Ron says his '56 Ford brings back old times. His two-tone fiesta red and old lace white sedan with matching interior, took him and his son 18 years to completely restore.

"Yeah, I did. I did the restoration on this car. It was about a 3-year process, it was kina fun to do. I've got five GTO's I've done," said Dan Pflipsen, owner of a 1964 Pontiac GTO.

He says this was the first time his GTO has been out on the road. He's been rebuilding GTO's for about 10 years and said it's like therapy for him.

Then there was Richards's 1963 Volkswagen Convertible, or as manly like to call the "bug."

"I bought it from a judge in St. Joe, Missouri who bought it for his wife," said Richard McCollum. "Whenever he got tired of it and had it about worn out, he sold it, I found it and brought it back to life."

Richard says he only drives it to car shows because it's hard to keep clean.

Rose Crane from Centerville Iowa owns a 1968 MG Midget.

"It drives really good, it's a 4-speed, it's about 30 miles to the gallon," said Crane. "I thought it was cute and a lot of fun."

Rose says her 10 and 14 year old grandchildren is begging her for her wheels, but she say's they won't be getting it for a while.

So whether you enjoy replacing, building, polishing or just checking out these classic rides, the car show was the place to be.