Kirksville celebrates history in the making

Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health

Many gathered outside of A.T. Still's newest building Thursday morning for a special ceremony. The Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health was opened to the public for the very first time and for some, emotions ran high.

â??It's pretty exciting to be involved in something and to have those initial talks several years ago about what if we could do this... what if we could get this school going and then to be standing inside the school today meeting the 42 students, it's pretty exciting,â?? says Tisha Kice-Briggs.

The inauguration began with a welcome from the universityâ??s President Phelps and ended with a tune from a campus choir. There were over 40 inaugural students attending the ceremony... one who knew since childhood, this day would come by.

â??I have four dentists in my family, my dad's a dentist, so growing up Iâ??ve always been around the dental realm and from that, I knew it was my calling,â?? says Kalleb Greene.

The school's purpose statement emphasizes community health and leadership.