Kirksville citizens can soon Adopt-A-Plot at cemetery

The Friends of Forest-Llewellyn Cemetery Committee now has an opportunity for Kirksville residents to get involved and help preserve a piece of history.

The committee met Tuesday and discussed their new program called Adopt-A-Plot in which the Kirksville City Council just recently approved.

Similar to the Adopt-A-Street program, Kirksville citizens and families will be able to adopt a certain section of the cemetery lot to keep an eye on. They would then report to the city any litter, tall grass, weeds or vandalism done to the markers and help preserve a historic site.

The committee says this is a dream come true.

"We're really excited about it. It's something that's been needed for a long time at the cemetery to help maintain the gravesites of many well known and important people of this community," said Committee Chair Dwight Buckingham.

You can soon pick up a form at the city clerk's office in City Hall to Adopt-A-Plot.

Also at the meeting, Debi Boughton of the Kirksville Tourism Department stopped by to talk about Cemetery Theater performed at the cemetery every 4th of July weekend and it's continued success.