Kirksville City Council approves street improvements

The Kirksville City Council met Monday night to discuss and approve a number of different topics.

Council members approved and awarded the bid for construction of fencing and concrete work for the McKinney Bark Park. Mihalevich Concrete Construction will be taking over the project with a cost of just over $32,000. The Bark Park is set to open in early August.

The city council also approved the increase of contract amounts for the 2014 Street Resurfacing Program. The city now has $125,000 more to use for street improvements.

Due to the harsh winter, roads in the area need more work done on them, then what was originally estimated.

"When you're out in the street and your digging up you know, removing asphalt, quantities need to be adjusted," said Mari Macomber, Kirksville City Manager.

The use of the city streets for the 'All American Red, White & Blue Festival' was also approved at Monday night's meeting. That festival is scheduled to be held July 4th.