Kirksville City Council approves the purchase of new equipment

On Monday night, he Kirksville City Council voted unanimously to purchase new equipment for the Public Works Department.

The department has the council's approval to purchase three new pieces of equipment. Those pieces of equipment include a backhoe, brush cutter and a sign maintenance truck. All three of the older pieces are no longer in working condition, and are in need of repairs.

The brush cutter will be used both in the city of Kirksville and at the Kirksville Regional Airport. The sign maintenance truck is necessary to help keep workers safe when painting lines or repairing roadways.

Public Works Director Allan Griffiths stressed the importance of the city purchasing the new items.

"These are pieces of equipment and due to the ages of the old pieces and the work that we have to do for the citizens, it's important to have the new equipment," said Griffiths.

The City Council is also in the process of putting together a lease for a daycare to utilize the ATSU Annex Building. That will be completed by the next City Council meeting on April 21.